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April 4, 2016

If your going to be at Rocky Grass this year I’ll be seeing ya there. I’ll be playing during the festival and I’ll be teaching at the Rocky Grass Academy  as one of the guitar instructors. Hope to see you there.

April 3, 2016

Yes, it’s true folks… Another lesson is up!  This time I worked out Tony’s kick off on a song he wrote called Never Meant to Be. Check it out over on the lessons page.

April 2, 2016

If your free July 3rd – 8th and looking to take some lessons? Look no further! The second annual Old School Bluegrass Camp  is happening this year in Prince Edward County. Lessons for all shapes and sizes! Sign up quickly as spots are limited!


April 1, 2016

This is no joke folks! Go over to the lesson page for a new Tony Rice solo. I decided to transcribe Tony’s solo from the Bluegrass Album Band version of “Molly and Tenbrooks.” It’s a killer solo with some tricky bits in it and a classic tony rice ending lick. The “lead in” was hard to hear so I had to guess a little. It’s not exactly what he played but it still works. Enjoy!

Mar 30, 2016

Do you like Tony Rice? I do! So, I made a video (lesson) of the tune “Streets of London” from the record Church Street Blues. Church Street Blues is one of my all time favorite records. Tony’s playing and singing is just so good . Check out the Lessons page for a video & tab. Enjoy!

Mar 23, 2016

New video for all you fine folks! I’ll be teaching at a few camps this summer and thought I’d make a video of myself playing a fiddle tune. Check it out:

Mar 23, 2016

“The Littlest Dobro” – My good friend Ivan Rosenberg (Dobro) wrote and recorded some excellent tunes and had the Slocans play along side with him. Check out his Kick starter for some AMAZING claymation videos: The Littlest Dobro

Nov 2, 2012

BIG NEWS! The Slocan Ramblers have finished their Record (our record!) “Shaking Down the Acorns,” and are throwing a CD RELEASE party Nov 30th @ The Tranzac Music Hall.

Here are the Details:

Slocan Ramblers – CD Release party – NOV 30th

Nov 2, 2012

A few months back the Slocan Ramblers teamed up with  Mojito Mastering (www.mojitomastering.com) and Dale Sood (Arts & Rec) to make a series of live music videos.The series will be called “the SLO/MO sessions.” Each episode will feature a different songwriter. Stayed Tuned for Episode 2.

In our first episode we were lucky enough to have the great Jadea Kelly (www.darthjadea.com) collaborate with us. We chose two songs to perform, one of which was Jadea Kelly’s original song “Never Coming Back.”  The second selection was a classic and one of our favorites, “I’m Looking Through You” by The Beatles.

You can view the entire Session here:

SLO/MO Sessions: Episode 1, Jadea Kelly

Or if you want to watch the individual songs:

Never Coming Back

I’m Looking Through You

 Oct 17, 2012

Part 2 is here! Adrian and I discuss string gauge, guitars and overall “nuances” that can occur while recording. Special thanks to Chris Doble and Rueben Ghose of Mojito Mastering. These guys are top notch!!


Oct 12, 2012

Here is an interview I did with Adrian Gross (Guitar & Mandolin) and Chris Doble (Mojito Mastering). The article talks about various things to consider when going into the studio to record guitar. This is part one, which focuses on guitar set-up, picks and intonation. Stay tuned for part two. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Mojito Mastering for doing such a great job (as usual)

Read the article here:


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